Consciousness versus Information

 Unity in diversity

Or Unity in Diversity

Usually the word CONSCIOUSNESS is linked with abilities like driving a car, talking, shopping…. I  consider it distinct from all these manifestations which to me are simply the  expression of some software or information. I believe it is useful  to consider Consciousness as synonym with SOUL, SELF, GOD, ONENESS, Unconditional LOVE, TAO. It is said about TAO “That which can be defined is not the TAO”. However we can say what is NOT the TAO or Consciousness. For example all that is conditional in nature, that has duality is not Consciousness. Continue reading

Projectiology & Conscientiology – Waldo Vieira

Waldo-VieiraBelow you will see 2 videos I made at the Institute for Projectiology & Conscientiology

The founder and director is Waldo Vieira who was a friend of Chico Xavier, the most important Brazilian medium, (who was also the mentor of Joao de Deus and who told Joao he should go to the small Goiás town of Abadiânia to fulfill his healing mission). The partnership with Waldo on the other hand in result several literary works , especially the saga of the spirit André Luiz psychographic , produced from 1950 to 1960

On May 22 of 1965; Waldo Vieira travelled with Chico Xavier to the US in order to disclose spiritism abroad; with the help of Salim Salomão Haddad, president of Christian Spirit Center, they launched the book titled The World of The Spirits

Shortly afterwards he separated from traditional forms of spiritism to develop a scientific research of all forms of  consciousness manifestations, which he pursues since then and his holding daily lectures.

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Transformers of Duality – in Missionaries, Saints, humanitarian heros and the rest of us

Process of spiritual transformation

Process of spiritual transformation

Coincidentally today on Easter Friday, I was led to write this post about “Spiritual transformation”

Duality is considered by some philosophies, Advaita or Kashmiri Shaivaism, a mistake and the reason for our suffering. They believe that if we do not have expectations, we cannot be disappointed; if we do not have attachments we will not feel loss. If we do not imagine ourselves as separate from the rest of the world we do not feel lonely or abuse all that is around us. Continue reading

Increasing your frequency of spiritual Arrival

Arrive at  the spiritual goalAll religions and spiritual path propose at their core one or another ideal state to be reached.             

In Christianity it might be a state of selfless love for fellow beings, in Buddhism it is a state of NON-attachment. Even in system that hold that all mental concepts should not be trusted, like Adveita, a mental concept of NON-Duality serves as the highest goal to be persued. Continue reading

Spirit of God – experience

Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit / Spirit of God, these 3 forms of God experience are in themselves incomplete – the mind person experiences God through concepts, the emotional person through feeling and the sensual person through the sense experience. They all describe GOD through the language of their channels, they do not understand each other and more than that they themselves do not realize GOD to the fullness that would be possible if they understood how to be open, nourish and educate all three means of perception. Continue reading

How to make room for Miracles

To be unconditional is an ideal, it is unlikely we ever reach this ideal consistently but once we start to understand it and to promote it in our lives one’s world experience changes.

Our cultural program discourages to act without having both a clear plan and a definite reason.  Consequently  most of our life  unfolds according to accepted plans that are based on time-tested experience. At least we need to justify an action that it was based on inspiration, intuition, belly feeling or a hunch because doing something without any reason would be considered madness. Continue reading

The necessary bi-polar stage in the process of evolution


The following is an e-mail that explains the illusion of  “healing” and “enlightenment”, the nature of   “initial aggravation” and the difficult but necessary bi-polar stage in the process of evolution :

Hi Kiran, 

Thank you for all the work you’ve done and the CoRe system that you’ve created.  Continue reading

Different ways on how to deal with problems, opposition, tragic events, disease, loss, fraud, fear, pain, anxiety, trauma ….

Opposition in whatever form we experience it, is potential energy. Just like in physics it needs always 2 polarities to create an energy-field and it needs something to move between the polarities, movement is what we experience and call energy. There is only different forms of polarities and ways to be engaged with these polarities that creates the different forms of energies. To deal with these polarities that oppose our wishes and expectations there are 7 different classes on how to turn them into energetic manifestations : Continue reading

Coincidence Recognition and Coincidence Creation


About 10 years ago my understanding of the world changed when I realized that coincidences are not useless, meaningless, accidental occurrences but that they can be used to get an understanding of hidden interconnections. The CoRe System (standing for COincidence REcognition) was the technological result, which since has been used by hundreds of practitioners around the world to find causes and solutions for thousands of patients. Continue reading

What is Love ?

Unconditional loveLove is when you adore something or someone. The love of God, a spouse, a car, a hobby, it is all relatively easy, natural and human. It is great to live a life where you start to see more and more things that you love this will make you younger because children love so many things. However even this simple kind of love decreases as people or relationships get older . Continue reading

End of suffering – the noble illusion


1. Why did Jesus not die to relief us of our sins? 

2. What are the 2 main ways to increase suffering ? 

3. Why is to be calm and smiling not a necessary sign of enlightenment ?

4. What are ways to add un-necessary suffering?

Buddhism is generally misunderstood as a way to END SUFFERING, however Buddha knew there was no  way “out of suffering” – this way does not exist – not even for him, he suffered a lot from all the misunderstanding in his students and finally died of food poisoning, which certainly was not without suffering .

However with right understanding we can end piling unnecessary suffering on the part that is unavoidable. Continue reading