Consciousness versus Information

Or Unity in Diversity
Usually the word CONSCIOUSNESS is linked with abilities like driving a car, talking, shopping…. I  consider it distinct from all these manifestations which to me are simply the  expression of some software or information. I believe it is useful  to consider Consciousness as synonym with SOUL, SELF, GOD, ONENESS, Unconditional LOVE, TAO. [...]

Transformers of Duality – in Missionaries, Saints, humanitarian heros and the rest of us

Coincidentally today on Easter Friday, I was led to write this post about “Spiritual transformation”
Duality is considered by some philosophies, Advaita or Kashmiri Shaivaism, a mistake and the reason for our suffering. They believe that if we do not have expectations, we cannot be disappointed; if we do not have attachments we will not feel [...]

Spirit of God – experience

Holy Ghost / Holy Spirit / Spirit of God, these 3 forms of God experience are in themselves incomplete – the mind person experiences God through concepts, the emotional person through feeling and the sensual person through the sense experience. They all describe GOD through the language of their channels, they do not understand each [...]

Different ways on how to deal with problems, opposition, tragic events, disease, loss, fraud, fear, pain, anxiety, trauma ….

Opposition in whatever form we experience it, is potential energy. Just like in physics it needs always 2 polarities to create an energy-field and it needs something to move between the polarities, movement is what we experience and call energy. There is only different forms of polarities and ways to be engaged with these polarities [...]

Coincidence Recognition and Coincidence Creation

About 10 years ago my understanding of the world changed when I realized that coincidences are not useless, meaningless, accidental occurrences but that they can be used to get an understanding of hidden interconnections. The CoRe System (standing for COincidence REcognition) was the technological result, which since has been used by hundreds of practitioners around [...]

What is Love ?

Love is when you adore something or someone. The love of God, a spouse, a car, a hobby, it is all relatively easy, natural and human. It is great to live a life where you start to see more and more things that you love this will make you younger because children love so many [...]

Kiran meeting with Bishop Tobin at the Vatican


 When having an “informal” meeting with Archbishop Tobin, I learned that the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life of which he is currently the Secretary has to oversee the work and SERVICE of more then one million catholic nuns and monks besides others – we got an idea of the invisible magnitude of the [...]

Kiran Schmidt honored by the Catholic Church as Marquis and Knight of the Pian order

Papal Marquis :                         
Knight Pian order :
1. The purpose of Dogma 
2. Why is the lack of a unified cultural value system the cause for many addictions
3. Why can some new churches deliver what the “Law of Attraction” only promisses
Comments in the media [...]

Consciousness Part 3

1. Why is Unconditional love not just a loving feeling without conditions ?
2. What happens when Love is not bound by conditions ?
3. What are the Monk’s way and what is the Lover’s way to consciousness ?
Consciousness = Un-conditional Love
When trying to be this equation in any first approach one might want to have some „loving feeling“ [...]

Why New Age is off track – just as modern science

Dear Kiran,
I understood that this scientist , Gregg Bradden – is not a reliable source of information . You often colide with nonsense of „new age religion“ in your posts, but could you make clear in what exactly. Are they right in anything at all, (I don’t mean that everything will be good forever and [...]

John of God recognized and honoured by the Catholic Church

This week I had the privilege to hand over a degree signed by Cardinal Bertone, the secretary of Vatican-State that honours John of God as a knight-commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great

A wonderful signal of the Catholic Church to honour a man who certainly has facilitated more miracle healing than all Saints together.

Dr Buzynski honored by the Catholic Church

It is my great honor to have Dr Burzynski, the world renowned Cancer therapist of Houston/ Texas , join the Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller and his work honored by the Catholic Church by being initiated as :
“Commander of the Knight-order of St.Gregory the Great”