Consciousness versus Information

 Unity in diversity

Or Unity in Diversity

Usually the word CONSCIOUSNESS is linked with abilities like driving a car, talking, shopping…. I  consider it distinct from all these manifestations which to me are simply the  expression of some software or information. I believe it is useful  to consider Consciousness as synonym with SOUL, SELF, GOD, ONENESS, Unconditional LOVE, TAO. It is said about TAO “That which can be defined is not the TAO”. However we can say what is NOT the TAO or Consciousness. For example all that is conditional in nature, that has duality is not Consciousness. Continue reading

Projectiology & Conscientiology – Waldo Vieira

Waldo-VieiraBelow you will see 2 videos I made at the Institute for Projectiology & Conscientiology

The founder and director is Waldo Vieira who was a friend of Chico Xavier, the most important Brazilian medium, (who was also the mentor of Joao de Deus and who told Joao he should go to the small Goiás town of Abadiânia to fulfill his healing mission). The partnership with Waldo on the other hand in result several literary works , especially the saga of the spirit André Luiz psychographic , produced from 1950 to 1960

On May 22 of 1965; Waldo Vieira travelled with Chico Xavier to the US in order to disclose spiritism abroad; with the help of Salim Salomão Haddad, president of Christian Spirit Center, they launched the book titled The World of The Spirits

Shortly afterwards he separated from traditional forms of spiritism to develop a scientific research of all forms of  consciousness manifestations, which he pursues since then and his holding daily lectures.

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Different ways on how to deal with problems, opposition, tragic events, disease, loss, fraud, fear, pain, anxiety, trauma ….

Opposition in whatever form we experience it, is potential energy. Just like in physics it needs always 2 polarities to create an energy-field and it needs something to move between the polarities, movement is what we experience and call energy. There is only different forms of polarities and ways to be engaged with these polarities that creates the different forms of energies. To deal with these polarities that oppose our wishes and expectations there are 7 different classes on how to turn them into energetic manifestations : Continue reading

John of God recognized and honoured by the Catholic Church

This week I had the privilege to hand over a degree signed by Cardinal Bertone, the secretary of Vatican-State that honours John of God as a knight-commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great

A wonderful signal of the Catholic Church to honour a man who certainly has facilitated more miracle healing than all Saints together. Continue reading

Spiritism versus Science


Thank you Lara for inviting me to your next conference in France

 and I think it would be very interesting to have a speaker about “Alan Kardec” as he was French and John of God considers him a good proponent of Spiritism.

 We had amazing time with John of God in the last few days as also Ekkehart the engineer from Germany (left) was with us

 much is coming – because of this connection


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Life – the challenge to realize the purpose of life

The American Virus makes us believe that “The purpose of life” is a matter of “Personal choice” – which means  USA has discarded the idea that there is a “universal purpose if life”.  The addiction to media, e-mail, cell phone to be informed and stay connected. Every age attracts the disease as a reaction to their deviation from the objective purpose of life.  The  overabundance of information is the challenge of our age to deviate us from a “Sense of ourselves”. Medicine has to bring the individual back to the objective purpose of life to be successful – the Bio-LaesEr is the tool to bring us to a deeper sense of ourselves.

please see the video here :

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Everybody is right

My reply to an e-mail by Diane that discussed the idea that “There is only light” Light is all that exists brought an unexpected number of comments – to me an indicator that it is a foundation of our cultural believe system. With the animation that is now part of CoRe 6

I am comparing this viewpoint of Newton who believed (and  Einstein later copied him)  that there is only light or energy and all is an creation of it with that of Goethe who showed that one can show in experiments how colors are created by a merging of light and darkness.

But what reconfirmed the importance of this question even more – was that while I was planing to write in  my reply “How naïve – in a time of the Atom-bomb – to hold that there is only light” I passed  a newspaper with the headline (August 6nd) that this day was the anniversary of the dropping of the Hirosima bomb.

Everyone is right – You know best what is good for yourself, Don’t worry be happy, You are already healed – you just have to realize it, You can have what to you want to manifest in your life, Evil does not exist – its only a projection of your mind, There is only light, You are a unique individual nobody should ever tell you what is good for you – only you can know,


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Dr Wayne Dyer talks about his healing at John of God


Dr Wayne Dyer talks about his great healing experience with a distance treatment for Leukemia
Wayne still has to review the USA virus – that tells him and what he expresses in this video
“Don’t look at the suffering – you are already well”
He is still thinking he is GOD and that therefore he should (can) never say that he is bad – Wayne is still part of this old ideas
I guess it will need a few more treatments by John of God
as John of God says over and over “I am not God I am only his tool”
and NOT as Wayne says that “GOD and YOU are all ONE”
actually he even says

Unpacking the MedOKH container in Abadiania

Dear friends I am happy that the art from Bali was so well received in the House of John of God – and with continued good luck and providence this will only be the first of many containers filled with art to beautify the hospitals of the world. Art is powerful information to uplift the spirit – a concept that has completely been forgotten in the gray and sterile hospitals of today . We surround us with art when we are happy or in holiday – and when we need it more than at these times – in sickness and suffering our culture has established forms that fail this simple insight.

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John of God – Pregnancy – A beautiful story

Dear Kiran
After you took my photo to John of God, during the following 2 weeks, I have felt a sense of being “lifted”; words cannot describe it. and Coincidentally, around the end of that 2 weeks, I conceived. (PS: not immaculate conception or whatever they call it ) I found out about the news when I was 5 weeks (based on medical 40wk gestational period) but 3weeks based on conception day. What a joyful surprise in many ways even though I almost fainted when the pregnancy test kit shows positive. Maybe memories of those early day/weeks/months of screaming baby and sleepless nights hit me first before the joy did! I thought we just managed to begin to get our lives back now that beautiful Amber is already 21 months old. I guess..even though I prayed for calmness after your last email, yet the universe has already delivered it via the ether way before then.

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